Green Lantern

Posted by admin at 11:58 PM on 19, Jun 2011

Green LanternMovie:Green Lantern

Directed by: Martin Campbell
Starring: Ryan Reynolds
Release Date: June 17th, 2011 (wide)

Movie Synopsis: This is an unusual inspired story happen between humans and animals. The theme of the movie is love and dedication and the remarkable bond between humans and animals. Maybe you are confused with the relationships between them, we can understand the magical emotion.

The movie tells the orangutans and elephants and adopts their humans; the human saved them which are facing life and fall in destruction. When doctor Borate lead the actors walk across tropical rainforest, they witness the every warm picture, these pictures and scene repeatedly touching people’s hearts. The adventure is worthy of undergoing. The film is a kind of documentary, it shows us the warm scene which is we need.



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