Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

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Justin Bieber: Never Say NeverMovie: Justin Bieber: Never Say Never”

Directed by: Jon Chu
Starring: Justin Bieber
Release Date:February 11th, 2011

Movie Synopsis: Justin Bieber is the most popular teen pop idol now.This movie records his itinerant concert.This movie reinacts his rise to stardom alongside real-life concert footage in this 3D Paramount Pictures production and discribs Justin Bieber’s disorded life in the past year.Our memories will take us to that year.He is a singer and he is also a controversial person.His youth,his charm ,all about him attracts us to love him.The movie reflects the choice of a artist when he face life’crossroad.In the process,he explores his brave and creativity.Of course,it also reflects a real Justin Bieber in the eyes of fans.

His youth is wonderful and dramatic.Because he likes to act some sensitive roles and performance well,he received a warm welcome.But as a singer,he only need to make good music.It is a big challenge to him,but he never gives up,he keeps on practicing and thinks a lot.At the last, he finshes the itinerant concert.

Talking about the concert, Justin Bieber says: I try to find a place that interests him in his life,I want to make my own music,and it happens at a time.I can’t explain why he make this choice.Music is the best friend.Everything is perfect for him.

For many people,his choice is difficult to understand.This movie includes his life and thoughts in a certain stage of his life.It also includes the situation of love sick.In a rap performance in Las vegas in 2010,he jumped off the stage and tussles with fans.People can’t imagin he is the josh smith and sensitive boy.This scene is spread by media and the CATV and has a big influence.But i think we don’t really know Justin Bieber,a boy who pursues the dream of music.So let us watch a aspirant pop idol through the movie.Maybe we can’t understand the choice he makes,but we can feel he is a boy who loves music and has a dream.He keeps on and try his best to sing and prove himself.So let us embrace more,and you will love this clinging boy.



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