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Directed by: Rob Minkoff
Starring: Patrick Dempsey, Ashley Judd
Release Date: July 15th, 2011 (on demand), August 19th (limited)

Movie Synopsis: Flypaper is a kind of action/adventure, comedy, romance and crime/gangster.We can know the story and the movie is full of fun and it is also an adventure even though the place of the story is just a building. The movie comes from the writers of the hangover.

The movie tells the story about a bank. Just in one bank, but comes two robberies at the same time, then the story begins. They do not belong to each other, but they have a common goal, that is getting a lot of money from the bank. Meanwhile, in the bank, there are some clerks. They are scared, but they never stop thinking the idea about how to get rid of the situation. On the other hand, the robberies threat them not to have some action, or they will kill them. What can they do to escape? Who can help them? What happened during the process?



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