From Prada to Nada

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From Prada to NadaMovie: From Prada to Nada

Directed by: Angel Gracia
Starring: Wilmer Valderrama, Adriana Barraza
Release Date: January 28th, 2011

Movie Synopsis: Nora and Mary are two spoiled girls who live a luxurious life with their father.They live in a big and grand house in Beverly hills.Mary is a beautiful girl who loves luxuries very much and Nora is a law student.Mary thought she is a white girl ,she don’t acknowledge that she has descent of Mexican.They live for themselves,they even don’t know about the society they live and they don’t have responsibility.But everything is changed when thier father suddenly died. Just like a dream ,Nora and Mary drop from the paradise to the hell.They realised they have nothing left when they know they have a brother.And they have to move to a small but lively home in the Lation-centric Boyle Heights. For them,everything is new, no shopping,no luxuries and no good car.Also both of them cannotspeak Spanish.They need a long time to learn how to live by themselves.At the time they live at new home,they do a lot of comic things. As Naro cook for first time ,she was too fear to throw the pan. After a long time,they changed a lot.They take public bus and can speak some Spanish.They communicate with others frankly and they realise the true meaning of life.They proud of their home.They accept the new life and enjoy it a lot.They discover that life is not only PRADA but also love,responsibility and community.

The content of the movie is so wonderful.Two actresses are very famous stars in America.Their acting skill is exquisite that can attract everyone.The frame is full and vivid while the structure is compact.

It’s a valuble movie to watch.From the movie wo can receive much truth.No matter rich or poor,we all need to know what the family and life really means.Responsibility for society and family members is most important.The whole movie is a stimulant story for us and gives us a lot inspirations.

Maybe we have a soft place in two girls’hearts ,they lost their dad and everthing they have,they are not princess any more.We can understand that how sad they are.But everything is wrothy,isn’t it?They learn more than wealth.They embrace a new and meaningful life.They find their own value and real life.What they learned are invaluable.So I think we should congratulate Naro and Mary .Both of them are really grow up.



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