The Roommate

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The RoommateMovie: The Roommate”

Directed by: Christian Christiansen
Starring: Leighton Meester, Minka Kelly
Release Date:February 4th, 2011

Movie Synopsis: This movie tells us a story about a deranged college freshman becomes obsessed with her new roommate. Sara acted by Minka Kelly is a freshman and she and Rebecca acted by Leighton Meester to be roommates.They are two perfect girls.They are very beautiful and open.They do everything together.But Sare find Rebecca is not an easy-going girl like her appearance .She has a crazy heart.Lots of crazy things are done by her.For examle,she starts fire on a boy who likes Sara and she hurts anybody close to Sara.Sarah was getting dangerous…

This is a warming and thrilling movie.You can feel a different friendship.More popular stars get together in TheRoommate.Leighton Meeste has an excellent performance in Gossip Girl.Many fans like and support her,she is not only beautiful but also an actor of good skill.If you like here,you can’t make this movie.

Do you have a roommate? When I was in the university,I have three roommates.And we build a sincere friendship.A good roommate can teach and help you a lot.You live together and know each other well.So I want to tell some storyies about my roommates and I to you.One of my roommate is Elva,and she is an optimistic girl.I’m not very good at my study.I have a negative emotion about everything because of my bad scores.And Elve tells me that I am clever and if i work out i can make a progress.But i don’t have any confidence.She gets up early everyday and wakes me up to do some practise.She makes a plan to me and always encourages me.After some time i catch up with other classmates.Now i want to say thank you to her.Without her help,i can’t make a progress.Roommates can talk about everything to each other.And when you need help,they help you without any return.We grow up together,and we have the same dream.We have the same idol,we wear the same cloths.These are precious memories that are valuble to remember.



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