Lady Ballers (2023)

Posted by admin at 10:49 AM on 03, Dec 2023

Lady Ballers (2023)

Movie: Lady Ballers (2023)

Directed by: Jeremy Boreing
Starring: David Cone, Daniel Considine
Release Date: 2023

Movie Synopsis: The story tells of a basketball coach who leads the team to train hard and prepare adequately before the game in order to achieve victory. Before the game, his team members all wore women’s wigs, and after entering the field, they engaged in a fierce competition.

The humorous and relaxed plot of the story deeply attracts the audience, and of course, the most eye-catching part of the film is the moment when they put on their wigs, making the audience feel comical and ridiculous. Shortly after its release, this film received rave reviews and the search volume for movie trailers sharply increased.



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