Empire of Silver

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Empire of SilverMovie:Empire of Silver

Directed by: Christina Yao
Starring: King Shih-chieh, Jennifer Tilly
Release Date: June 3rd, 2011 (limited)

Movie Synopsis: Empire of Silver is a kind of art/foreign and drama. The movie is full of money and love and tells us the story about the big family who are control of countrywide finance. Wealth is basic of their family heyday and social status. But wealth is not the only things which can make them live happy and comfortable, maybe the wealth has the opposite effect.

The story of the movie Empire of Silver happened Late Qing dynasty of Shanxi in China of 1899. Ticket giant Kang master had four sons. When doom had come to their lives, they had no choice but to receive the destiny. What was worse, the most reluctant heir among them is the third son, but at that moment, he must bear a family financial empire and he can not escape again just as before. Stern Lord Kang tried to train and create his son to become the financial magnate, but idealistic his third son was doubts about his father business ethics. They conducted business of conflict and in their ordinary life, their conflicts upgraded because of the young woman who was third Master’s stepmother, but she was also the woman who loved third Master and he loves her, too. But the facts already were in place and in trying to follow father’s footsteps and find true he; third master should make a choice.



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