Bride Flight

Posted by admin at 01:43 AM on 20, May 2011

Bride FlightMovie:Bride Flight

Directed by: Ben Sombogaart
Starring: Barry Atsma, Lottie Hellingman
Release Date: June 10th, 2011 (limited)

Movie Synopsis: Bride Flight is the kind of art/foreign, drama and war. The movie is also known as Bruidsvlucht. The movie is full of love and the story also begins because of love. We can know the love is important for our life and meanwhile the love brings us a lot of things including the bad one.

The movie Bride Flight tells the story about three young women; they are Ada, Esther, and Marjorie. They plan to find a new life in a new place. They and a handsome young man, Frank, meet on the plane trip – the “Bride Flight”. Four strangers who go searching for happiness become friends quickly. In a new country, they begin their own new life and find each other. They even begin a forbidden love and an impossible choice. With the time going, their life seems to change because of love.



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